eVendor Disbursement

Welcome to City of Houston Controller's eVendor Disbursement page.

The Controller's Office is responsible for Houston's cash disbursements. City Controller Chris B. Brown has made these daily payment records available to increase office transparency and show the nature of payments made by the City.

The Web form below will allow you to search for payments within a date range. Both date fields must be filled-in for results to be obtained. The dates currently in the fields are the first day available (12/1/2010) and the most recent date available; the most recent activity available is from the past business day. The current day’s activity is not loaded until the next business day.

Entering a payee or company name is optional. To view payments to an individual, search by last name and first name separately. Results will only be obtained if they exactly match your search.

City payments are primarily direct deposits to the listed vendor's bank account. The rest of the payments are made by check.

If you are a City supplier or have questions about the nature of a specific payment, please contact the Department you are currently working with. For additional information on specific payments please contact our City Vendor Liaison. The data contained on this website is for informational purposes only.

All Payments/Invoices under $50k for FY 2018.

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