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City of Houston Active Incidents

This page contains current information about active incidents being handled by Fire, Police, and EMS Personnel. The contents are updated on five minute intervals and generated by the Central Command dispatch system. Users should refresh the page frequently, by clicking on their browser's refresh button, to ensure current data is presented.

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The below table shows Houston Fire Departments active incidents
AddressCross StreetKey MapCall Time(Opened)Incident TypeAlarm LevelUnits
IMPERIAL VALLEY DR  373S07/22/2019 18:14EMS Event0A074
BROADWAY ST  535T07/22/2019 18:13EMS Event0E036
POST OAK BLVDBLK AMBASSADOR WAY491Q07/22/2019 18:13Ems Event0E002
MCKEE STBLK NANCE ST493M07/22/2019 18:12Motor Vehicle Incident0E017
ELMEN STBLK VERMONT ST492R07/22/2019 18:11Ems Event0E016
FOREST CENTER DRBLK KINGWOOD PLACE DR OB295Z07/22/2019 18:08Dumpster on Fire0L101
E TIDWELL RDBLK BARRETT ST453A07/22/2019 18:08Ems Event0M058
BEN TAUB TMC TAUB LPBLK LAMAR FLEMING AVE533E07/22/2019 18:07Ems Event0A016, E033, M003
FAYRIDGE DRBLK S SAM HOUSTON PKWY E574Y07/22/2019 18:06Ems Event0A055, M070
DORCHESTER STBLK COCHRAN ST453R07/22/2019 18:06Ems Event0A030
NICHOLS STBLK CLEMENTINE494C07/22/2019 18:05Ems Event0M027, AS017, E027
RUIZ ST  493M07/22/2019 18:05Ems Event0A017
HERON DRBLK NORTHDALE574C07/22/2019 18:00Ems Event0M029, A040
CRANE STBLK WAYNE ST454X07/22/2019 17:59Ems Event0A039
BEVERLY HILL STBLK E GREENRIDGE DR491W07/22/2019 17:58Chemical Leak0E028, A028, D028, L028
GALVESTON RDBLK WEST COURT DR535L07/22/2019 17:52Ems Event0E029, A020
GULF FWY OB  535P07/22/2019 17:51Ems Event0M040
SCOTT ST  493Z07/22/2019 17:51Ems Event0A018
FS007 ELGIN STBLK LA BRANCH ST493T07/22/2019 17:47Ems Event0M008
YOSEMITE STBLK LA SALETTE ST533L07/22/2019 17:45Ems Event0E046, A025
LAREDOBLK PORT494H07/22/2019 17:41Ems Event0A027
MCCONN STBLK MERRIWEATHER617M07/22/2019 17:40Ems Event0M071
GROSS STBLK ALPHA ST492R07/22/2019 17:38EMS Event0E006, A011
CULBERSON STBLK DIXIE DR533G07/22/2019 17:34Ems Event0M017, A046
COTTAGE TIMBERS CTDEAD-END417B07/22/2019 17:25Ems Event0M105
THRUSH DRBLK NORTHDALE534Y07/22/2019 17:23Ems Event0M036
W OREM DRBLK BATHURST DR572J07/22/2019 17:22Ems Event0A047
BRETON RIDGE STBLK WILLOW CHASE BLVD370E07/22/2019 17:19Ems Event0E096
RANDON RDBLK BAYOU VISTA DR451C07/22/2019 17:14Ems Event0M067
ILEX STBLK FLORAL535E07/22/2019 17:13Ems Event0A023
RICHMOND AVEBLK JAYLAND TRL489W07/22/2019 17:13Ems Event0M075
CHARLESTON PARK DRBLK MAIN ST OB532W07/22/2019 17:12Ems Event0A033
N BRAESWOOD BLVDBLK BEECHNUT ST532N07/22/2019 17:08Ems Event0A037
PARKER OBIB  414X07/22/2019 17:07EMS Event0A034
GATEWOOD AVEDEAD-END571T07/22/2019 16:55Ems Event0M059
SAGEMEADOW LNBLK SAGEDOWNE LN616B07/22/2019 16:53Ems Event0A036
YORKTOWN STBLK MILAN ESTATES491U07/22/2019 16:48Ems Event0A002, M033
SCOTT STBLK SCOTTCREST DR533L07/22/2019 16:48Ems Event0M046
S WILCREST DRBLK W BELLFORT AVE529Y07/22/2019 16:08Ems Event0M073
S POST OAK RD  571C07/22/2019 10:57Gas Leaking0M080, SF024, HM1022, E059, E048, RH008


The Houston Fire Department's Internet posting does not provide a complete listing of all Fire/EMS incidents. It only contains basic public information involving fire and emergency incidents and omits incident reports involving information that is confidential by statute or common law privacy.

The City of Houston and the Houston Fire Department assume no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of errors, omissions or discrepancies in the information provided in the Houston Fire Department Internet posting. Moreover, the City of Houston and the Houston Fire Department are not responsible for the content nor endorse any site, which has a link from the Houston Fire Department Internet posting.

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