Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network
Houston Municipal Employees Pension System
Houston Media Source
Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission
Automotive Board
Area Planning Advisory Council (Formerly Area Agency on Aging)
Boiler Code Review and Licensing Board
Coastal Water Authority
Electrical Board
General Appeals Board
Gulf Coast Community Services Association
Harris County Appraisal District
Harris-Galveston Subsidence District
Health Benefits Advisory Committee
Higher Education Finance Corporation
Houston Housing Authority
Houston Area Library Automated Network (H.A.L.A.N.) Advisory Board
Houston Clean City Commission
Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board
Houston Public Library Foundation
Metropolitan Transit Authority
Planning Commission
Plumbing Code Review Board
Wastewater Capacity Reservation Review Board
Animal Shelter Advisory Committee
Commission on Disabilities
North Houston District (Formerly Greenspoint District)
Houston Downtown Management District
Reinvestment Zone Number 04 (Village Enclaves)
Reinvestment Zone Number 06 (Eastside)
Westchase District
Harris County-Houston Sports Authority Board
Midtown Redevelopment Authority
Saint George Place Redevelopment Authority
Gulfgate Redevelopment Authority
Health Facilities Development Corporation
Memorial-Heights Redevelopment Authority
OST/ Almeda Corridors Redevelopment Authority
Harris County Municipal Management District No. 1 (Memorial City Management District)
Greater Greenspoint Redevelopment Authority
Greater East End Management District
East Downtown Management District
Midtown Municipal Management District
Main Street Market Square Redevelopment Authority
South Post Oak Redevelopment Authority
Fourth Ward Redevelopment Authority
Houston First Corporation (Formerly Convention Center Hotel Corporation)
East Downtown Redevelopment Authority
Harris County Improvement District No. 3 (Upper Kirby Management Dist.)
Old Sixth Ward Redevelopment Authority
Southwest Houston Redevelopment Authority
Greater Northside Management District
Police Officers' Civil Service Commission
City Park Redevelopment Authority
Fifth Ward Redevelopment Authority
Houston Industrial Development Corporation
Houston Firefighters' Relief and Retirement Fund
Fort Bend Subsidence District
Uptown Development Authority
Memorial City Redevelopment Authority
Near Northwest Management District
Reinvestment Zone Number 21 (Hardy / Near Northside Zone)
Reinvestment Zone Number 22 (Leland Woods)
Mechanical Code Review Board
Baybrook Management District
Fall Creek Management District
Greater Southeast Management District
Harris County Improvement District No. 4 (Energy Corridor Management Dist.)
Spring Branch Management District
Lake Houston Redevelopment Authority
Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority
Police Officers' And Fire Fighters' C.S.C.
Houston Zoo, Inc
Houston Downtown Park Corporation
Houston Arts Alliance
Gulf Coast Rail District
Harris County Improvement District No. 5 (Brays Oaks District)
Montrose Management District Formerly Harris County Improvement District No. 6 & 11 (East Montrose)
Airport Commission
Airport Commission
Airport Board of Adjustment
Harris County Improvement District No. 9 (Hobby Area)
Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District
International Management District
Montgomery Central Appraisal District
Aldine Improvement District
Fort Bend Central Appraisal District
Southwest Management District (Formerly Greater Sharpstown Management District)
Houston Amateur Sports Park LGC, Inc.
Five Corners Improvement District(Formerly Harris County Improvement District No. 10B)
Towne Lake Management District
Harris County Improvement District No. 8
Reinvestment Zone Number 23 (Harrisburg Zone)
Harris County Improvement District No. 12
Houston Forensic Science Center, Inc.
Office of Business Opportunity Advisory Board
Water Adjustment Board
Reinvestment Zone Number 25 (Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston Zone)
Reinvestment Zone Number 24 (Greater Houston Zone)
Houston Civic Events, Inc.
Hardy / Near Northside Redevelopment Authority
Houston BARC Foundation
Houston Parks Board LGC, Inc.
Stadium Park Redevelopment Authority
Reinvestment Zone Number 26 (Sunnyside Zone)
Reinvestment Zone Number 27 (Montrose Zone)
Historic Preservation Appeals Board (HPAB)
Danielle Bartz: Director
901 Bagby 3rd Floor
Houston, TX 77002
Phone: 832-393-9143

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